Sleep Workshops, Sleep Classes and Sleep Consult Locations

If you are looking to meet Ingrid in-person to learn how she can help your family sleep blissfully, or to attend one of her sleep classes or sleep workshops, please visit one of the locations below. 

In order to further serve sleep-deprived families, Ingrid has partnered with various wellness practices and centers to provide sleep and nutrition consultations, sleep workshops and sleep classes. Many health issues and sleep disturbances arise from the foods we eat, stress, today’s technology, and life’s daily struggles. No matter how old you are, you can sleep blissfully and live the healthier lifestyle you have been dreaming of.

These are the different services offered at each location. Below are examples of what may be offered at the various locations:

Sleep Consultations:

  • Complete a 30 question info sheet (for Ingrid to get to know you better)
  • A one-hour consultation with Ingrid at the office
  • A 15-minute virtual follow-up call
  • A virtual sleep and food log; and
  • A written sleep and nutrition plan

Yoga Nidra Sessions – Enjoy a step-by-step 45-minute sleep guided meditation by Ingrid in a relaxing environment that will lead to better sleep at night. Yoga Nidra takes you through three of the five sleep phases in an awake state and it takes place in a laying down position.

Amethyst Bio-Mat Sessions – A 45-minute session where you will experience the healing properties of a heated amethyst Far Infrared Rays Bio-mat (FIR) along with soothing sounds of nature. FIR reduces swelling, increases blood flow and has been shown to destroy unhealthy cells. It penetrates 6 – 8 inches into the innermost layers of the body.

Sleep Workshops: Typically 2-hour workshops with take-home worksheets. Workshop topics range from newborn – 5 years old, Elementary – Highschool and Adult Sleep.

Sleep Classes – Weekly Yoga Nidra classes offered at Yoga 4 Everybody, Monday’s from 5:30-6pm.

>>For Yoga for Everybody, Fairfield, Connecticut

Yoga for Everybody
Servicing adults only at this location.
Call the studio at 203.254.YOGA (9642) to book an appointment and further details

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Located at 27 Unquowa Road, Fairfield, CT 06824

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>>Dr. Brian Yomtov, Stamford, Connecticut

Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness, LLC.
Services for children, teens and adults.

Bringing together the best in Chiropractic and Acupuncture with Applied Kinesiology for whole-patient health care. At our office, we serve all ages! It is our pleasure to welcome the entire family, from babies only a few hours old to pregnant mothers, kids, and adults 90+ years young.

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Located at 47 Oak St # 270, Stamford, CT 06905