One-on-One Sleep Service

I want more sleep because……

  • I’m exhausted
  • I feel like I’m failing as a parent
  • I have no energy
  • It’s affecting my work
  • I am getting resentful
  • I am not the best parent I want to be because I am always tired
  • I want to feel like my old self again
  • I want to go out and not be worried that I can’t have anyone else place them down

It’s gonna feel so good to sleep again. In just a few weeks, we can help you achieve blissful nights and peaceful parenting days.

We are here to help you build long-lasting results while continuing to nurture that unbreakable bond you have so beautifully established. With tools from the science of sleep and a mother’s heart, we got you covered.

During your sleep training journey, we will be in touch by providing support, encouragement, and solutions that provide structure and at the same time, leaves open the possibility for some flexibility.  By the end, we will be family AND you will be sleeping 10-12 hours at night.

Now it’s your turn, do you want to be the next parent to be included in my client testimonials or do you want to continue watching Netflix and praying that tomorrow will be tomorrow?

Let’s get you sleeping ASAP.

There are 2 ways we can work together:


Let us work together privately to resolve your sleep issues. There are 7 sessions with upto 2 months of support, with the first being an hour long and the 6 following sessions are half an hour each.

You will receive :

  • One-hour virtual consultation
    • Followed by six 30 minute calls
  • Customized nap and bedtime sleep plan based on the science of sleep and the heart of a mom
  • Digital Sleep Log to track the progress
  • All the communication mentioned above

This program is perfect for families:

  • Have sleep associations and are open to techniques from the most direct to the most gradual
  • Ages Newborn through preschool age
  • Need solutions for naps / creating a routine / breaking bad habits / time changes / vacations & travel/ dropping night feeds / schedules
  • Wrap-up call

Important things to note:

  • The first session is completed via video call
  • Support sessions are completed via regular calls
  • Unused sessions have no expiration
  • Change isn’t an overnight process. With consistency and guidance, you’ll be golden.

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Perfect for a tune-up, a specific issue, or general question about sleep.  For up to 30 whole minutes, it’s just you and me chatting on the phone where you can ask me any sleep-related question. It’s your chance to get our ears and eyeballs on your specific sleep problem and discuss a solution together.

Important things to note:

  • Up to a 30-minute session
  • One topic per session
  • Gentle Sleep Techniques will always be advised

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