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The decision to make sleep a priority in your home comes with no regrets.

I’ve been working with sleepless families globally for over ten years now and their lives have truly changed. You don’t need to take my word for it, you can read the BLISSFUL SLEEPERS testimonials for yourself.

As you know, sleep deprivation is an epidemic worldwide. According to sleep science research, not one country, out of 48 countries that participated in the global sleep study met the average night sleep requirements needed for bodies to function properly. Sleep is truly the foundation of health! Don’t just take it from me, sleep specialist, Dr. Michael J. Breus, is also concerned about the sleep deprivation taking place around the world. He states ‘Populations are at greater risk for a number of chronic diseases and mental health disorders, as well as challenges to daily life and relationships. These are dangerous and expensive problems.’

Sleep deprivation takes place in most homes as you can see. Sometimes the adults in the household don’t sleep well because they’ve never slept well or their little ones are keeping them up at night.

Whatever the situation, know that the answer lies in making sleep a priority so that you can all lead happier, healthier and more blissful lives.

We know that not making sleep a priority leads to:

  • Irritability and a generally more negative mood
  • Unhappiness and depression
  • Low sex drive and a lack of energy
  • Problems with memory and retaining information
  • Weight gain and associated health issues

Most of these symptoms are noticeable in adults as well as in children.

Remember, we cannot teach our children to sleep better and expect them to continue sleeping well if we don’t make sleep a priority for ourselves.

My clients are:

Sleep-deprived parents who have munchkins that are not great sleepers (children of all ages),

Moms who have never been great sleepers and who are experiencing post-partum or anxiety,

Dads who are experiencing insomnia,

Single men and women who have anxiety or depression and want a wholistic program to live a healthier lifestyle,

Students of any age who are experiencing separation anxiety, bullying, stress from school work or peers,

Entrepreneurs looking to grow their business but also create balance within their personal and business life, and

Anyone looking for a Wholistic approach to live their happiest and healthiest life.

Our work together will go beyond sleep coaching. Not only will your life be changed, but you will be changing the lives of others who are in need. Years ago, I decided to partner with the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation. I make a donation on behalf of each of my clients, which benefits many of the wonderful programs the foundation has to offer. I invite you to visit the link above to see for yourself the amazing work this foundation is doing and how working together will create a change in the world.